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Meta World: My City – Exploring Mobile Board Game Metaverses

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Meta World: My City is a metaverse board game developed by Netmarble, offering players a virtual real estate and building collection experience. It is a sequel to the popular game ‘Let’s Get Rich,’ with over 200 million global players. Players can own virtual land and buildings based on real-world locations like New York City or Toronto, using board game mechanics.

The game is part of the MBX gaming blockchain ecosystem by MARBLEX, providing a platform for players to interact and enjoy various games within the metaverse world. Meta World: My City is particularly appealing to younger gamers, including Gen Alpha and Gen Z, who enjoy socialized games. Acting as a mobile metaverse, My City serves as a social community, board game, and city builder all in one.

Meta World: My City has been launched globally, except in countries like China and Korea. Players can download the game from the official website, Google Play, and the App Store. Launch events with generous rewards are ongoing, offering players a chance to earn virtual real estate and in-game items like Gold, Diamonds, and Champions League Tickets. Netmarble’s partnership with The Sandbox will bring unique metaverse content and experiences to the game’s ecosystem.

For further information and updates on Meta World: My City, players can follow the official community channels on Discord, Twitter, and Facebook.

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