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Metaverse Exchange’s $30 Million Subsidy Program Is Set To Launch

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Metaverse Exchange'S $30 Million Subsidy Program Is Set To Launch

The newcomer-friendly crypto trading platform, Metaverse Exchange, has announced the upcoming release of its official new 2.0 version in mid-December. On the day of its launch, the platform will kick off a $30 million price difference subsidy program, providing subsidies for dollar-cost averaging investments for users with an investment amount not exceeding 300,000 USDT.

According to reports, Metaverse Exchange recently unveiled its innovative low-price averaging feature. In the lowest price averaging on Metaverse Exchange, users can select their expected investment period and time range values. Within the selected time range, there will be an estimated price. Users purchase at the lowest estimated price within this period to maximize their returns during that timeframe.

Due to potential price differences between the estimated and actual market prices, Metaverse Exchange’s price difference subsidy program ensures that users always buy at the lowest price within their expected range. Any excess price difference will be disbursed to users’ accounts in the form of a subsidy. This subsidy program will last for one month, concluding in mid-January 2024. The activity does not differentiate between new and existing users. As long as you use the low-price averaging feature upon the official announcement of Metaverse Exchange’s 2.0 version, your price differences within the 300,000 USDT trading range will be subsidized.

Target participants: New and existing users

Participation requirements: Investment range from 100 USDT to 300,000 USDT

Duration: 30 days

Total subsidy: 30 million USDT

For more information on the event, please stay tuned for the latest web link release from Metaverse Exchange through our official channels.

Twitter: @MetaverseEX_BTC


About the Metaverse Exchange 2.0 Upgrade

Metaverse Exchange was initially envisioned as a special economic zone for blockchain—a tech park dedicated to the blockchain industry, implementing favorable policies such as low taxes and providing other services to businesses. The concept of the Metaverse Tech Park will allow various cryptocurrency projects of different scales to enter MetaCex Metaverse as the project progresses, adopting a comprehensive service approach.

As Metaverse Exchange developed, we recognized the growing demand in the crypto market. This led us to introduce the all-new 2.0 crypto trading platform. Our new platform operates under the complete brand name “Metaverse Exchange.”

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