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Nissan Explores the Metaverse Through Heritage Cars and Safe Drive Studio

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Nissan Motor Co. has launched the Heritage Cars & Safe Drive Studio, a pioneering metaverse platform merging the timeless allure of iconic automobiles with interactive safety education.

Marking Nissan’s 90th anniversary on March 7, the launch celebrated the integration of virtual reality to immerse users in a unique fusion of automotive history and safety awareness.

Immersive Virtual Exhibits

The studio showcases three of Nissan’s most revered models, each in a virtual environment reflective of its era. Among the exhibits are the Silvia Q’s S13, the Skyline 2000 GTX-E, and a captivating setting reminiscent of a 1950s American diner, providing users with an eclectic mix of educational content and nostalgic charm.

These experiences, accessible on the Meta Quest headset, evolve Nissan’s previous virtual endeavors, such as the virtual test drive initiative introduced in 2022.

According to Crypto Times, Nissan aims to captivate and educate a broader audience on traffic safety and automotive heritage through these initiatives.

Based on a Coin Telegraph report, in the first exhibit, visitors encounter Silvia Q’s S13, a Nissan renowned worldwide for its status as a favored drifting vehicle. Within the Heritage Cars & Safe Driving studio, users can explore this iconic vehicle while gaining insights into the influence of pedestrian clothing colors on driver perception.

The second exhibit allows users to engage in a mini-game to educate them about a driver’s field of view and the impact of multitasking on driving safety. Additionally, visitors can admire the Skyline 2000GTX-E, recognized as one of history’s most iconic tuner vehicles, thanks to its prominent appearances in popular culture, including the Gran Turismo video game series and the Fast and Furious film franchise.

Transporting users back to the United States of the 1950s and 60s, the final exhibit presents a setting reminiscent of a classic American diner and drive-in theater. Here, participants can participate in a hands-on steering wheel spin exercise, further enhancing their understanding of safe driving practices.

Driving Traffic Safety Through Innovation

The Heritage Cars & Safe Drive Studio launch underscores Nissan’s ongoing commitment to integrate traffic safety education with the latest digital trends seamlessly.

By offering an immersive platform that seamlessly blends learning with entertainment, Nissan strives to cultivate a deeper global understanding of traffic safety among users, thus perpetuating its legacy of innovation and public engagement.

Photo: Jonathan Gallegos/Unsplash


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