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Nokia predicts surge in network demand driven by Metaverse, Web3, and AI adoption

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Nokia Foresees Boom In Network Demand Fuelled By Metaverse, Web3, Ai Penetration

Finnish telecom major Nokia predicts a surge in Internet network demand by 2030, driven by advanced technologies like Web3, Metaverse, and Artificial Intelligence. Nokia is strategizing to ensure its equipment and services can handle the increased demand, focusing on integrating smart contracts and blockchains for the decentralization era.

Nokia unveiled its Technology Strategy 2030 report, foreseeing a 22% to 25% growth in network demand over the next seven years. The company aims to evolve networks into cognitive and automated ecosystems to meet diverse organizational and consumer needs.

“Advancements in metaverse technologies, Web3, semiconductors, software, AI, and Machine Learning (ML) will expand possibilities, connecting human, physical, and digital realms to address global challenges,” the report states.

Nokia recognizes the need for network infrastructure providers to enhance capabilities to support advanced technologies as the digital landscape evolves. The company has been exploring metaverse applications since 2022 and has leveraged digital twin technology to create a future-proof network architecture.

Nokia foresees an increase in network security demand with the adoption of deeper technologies like Generative AI and Virtual Reality (VR) devices. The company aims to collaborate with customers and partners to drive digital transformation in various industries and cities, focusing on decarbonization and enhancing efficiency, productivity, and safety.

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