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Saudi Arabia Reveals ‘Cultural Universe’ Metaverse Project on Founding Day 2024

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Saudi’s National Metaverse Project ‘Cultural Universe’ Unveiled On Founding Day 2024

The Saudi Ministry of Culture has launched what appears to be the world’s first state-operated national metaverse project, ‘Cultural Universe’. The innovative virtual environment, which integrates droppGroup’s Generative Media Intelligence (GMI) AI technology and Oracle’s Hyperledger Fabric 2.5 blockchain, was unveiled on February 22 to mark Saudi Arabia’s Founding Day 2024.

The purpose-built Middle Eastern metaverse digitally replicates various attractions and activities which formed part of last week’s real-life celebrations in the capital Jeddah. These include a History Walk which provides an educational stroll through significant events in the nation’s history, as well as sections devoted to Saudi heritage including music, art, history, and cuisine.

The History Walk starts at Bab Jadid and moves on to Thaker Courtyard and its live cooking corner, while the Al-Eidrous Courtyard features a dedicated children’s corner and a plethora of art workshops. Moving close to virtual representations of historical events prompts a voice audio, although this is limited to Arabic.

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