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Siemens plans €0.5 billion industrial metaverse-based hub in Germany

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Siemens Plans €0.5 Billion Industrial Metaverse-Based Hub In Germany

Siemens is planning to centre its global technology activities for the industrial metaverse in a new campus at its Erlangen facility.

The new campus, part of a €1 billion (US$1.1 billion) investment planned in Germany and €2 billion globally in 2023, is set to become a hub for global research and development and manufacturing drawing increasingly on the industrial metaverse.

Specifically, according to a statement, the campus will focus on “sustainable and future-oriented high-tech manufacturing, related research and development activities, and the opening of the location for an ecosystem of partners from the business and scientific communities.”

Currently the Erlangen factory manufactures products in industrial automation and digitalisation including power electronics components and machine tool controls for the machine building industry.

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