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SuperAwesome Expands Kids Advertising Opportunities into New Platforms Beyond the Metaverse

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Kate O'Loughlin, Ceo, Superawesome

Although SuperAwesome is no longer part of Epic Games, it’s got a gameplan to expand its youth-focused ad marketplace, CEO Kate O’Loughlin told AdExchanger.

After being acquired by Epic Games a little over three years ago, SuperAwesome was spun off in September in a deal that involved SuperAwesome’s management team reacquiring most of the company’s assets from Epic, including its AwesomeAds network and most of its workforce.

O’Loughlin, who was promoted to CEO from COO of SuperAwesome just prior to the transaction being announced, declined to discuss the deal price, but did note that the deal closed in January.

Epic retained only one asset after the spinoff: SuperAwesome’s Kids Web Services platform, a free service for app developers that lets them confirm a parent is opting kids into data sharing.

Although Epic remains SuperAwesome’s primary investor, the two companies have made a clean break, and Epic does not have an advisory role, O’Loughlin said.

But SuperAwesome will continue its relationship with Epic in other ways, including reselling Fortnite’s ad inventory and monetizing other Epic gaming properties through the AwesomeAds ad network.

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