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Understanding the Metaverse’s Role for Governments

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In 2023, Abu Dhabi unveiled a digital twin of a Court of Arbitration in the metaverse that may soon convene digital hearings to streamline proceedings.


Faced with the challenge of managing a high volume of in-person hearings, the virtual replica is an innovative solution that aims to improve the efficiency and accessibility in the administration of justice.


Moreover, the digital twin boasts virtual breakout rooms designed to be spaces for mediation and other supported activities around the legal proceedings. 


A digital twin is a virtual representation of real-world entities and processes. According to SoftServe, digital twins are primarily about prescribing and 3D visualisation, while metaverse primarily covers collaboration, leveraging on digital twins.


The court is only one of the many settings that demonstrate how the metaverse may revolutionise traditional systems and practices.


GovInsider speaks to Genady Chybranov, Enterprise Solutions Lead, Asia-Pacific, at SoftServe, a global software development company, to learn about the potential of the metaverse for broader government applications and how the public sector can get started with metaverse adoption.

Most promising use in urban planning and citizen engagement

By 2030, almost 700 cities would have deployed some metaverse infrastructure, according to ABI Research, a global technology intelligence firm.

The 2023 report by the firm suggested that city governments stand to benefit through enhanced citizen engagement, significant cost savings and meeting net-zero ambitions from smarter and more efficient urban infrastructure.

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