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your passport to the Metaverse

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Your Passport To The Metaverse

After Bloktopia’s recent announcement of M3TA’s launch, the revolutionary product suite that seamlessly integrates the ground breaking concepts of the “Metaverse” and “Web 3.0”, Bloktopia proudly introduces its latest addition to the series: M3TAPASS.

What is M3TAPASS?

M3TAPASS serves as the gateway to the immersive realm of the Metaverse, acting as the passport required to access the world of Bloktopia and M3TASPACES. 

Focusing on Tech Enthusiasts, Gamers, Crypto Investors and general Blockchain Fanatics, this cutting-edge digital identification is exclusively assigned to each user, ensuring a unique and secure identity within the metaverse. 

With M3TAPASS in hand, users gain privileged entry to Bloktopia’s interconnected network of virtual experiences within the Home of Crypto.

What are the core features of M3TAPASS?

The M3TAPASS app will be released in phases.

Version 1 of M3TAPASS focuses on establishing your unique identity within the Bloktopia metaverse, with version 2 updates integrating wallet and storage features, building upon the Bloktopia wallet that was launched in March 2023.

The core features of M3TAPASS include:

Personalisation: Express your digital identity through integrated Ready Player Me avatar customisations and unique username creationUser-Friendly Interface: A simple, intuitive interface designed for both newcomers and experienced users for easy navigationSeamless Access: Quick and easy QR code scanning features to access the MetaverseSecure Wallet (release 2): Manage digital assets with confidence using integrated crypto wallet functionality 

As part of the M3TA series, M3TAPASS will seamlessly integrate with existing products, allowing users to join events and gain access to M3TASPACES, as well as any future M3TA products launched within the series. This means that M3TAPASS will be a crucial component that can be utilised throughout the entire Metaverse product suite.

How do you get access to M3TAPASS?

Version one is available to download NOW through both

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