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Delabs Introduces NFT Mint Feature for Upcoming Metabolts Game

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Delabs Announces Nft Mint For Its Upcoming Metabolts Game

Delabs, the web3-focused arm of leading South Korean game development company 4:33 Creative Lab, announced the introduction of PFP Characters as part of Metabolts, the company’s post-apocalypse game currently in development.

A series of 7,777 Metabolts character NFTs will be offered for sale, with the minting scheduled for March 7th. Participants who are part of the Private List, Whitelist, or engage in the Public Sale will have the opportunity to mint one NFT per address. Moreover, individuals included in the Private List or those possessing Delabs’ Adventure Pass will enjoy the advantage of a reduced minting price.

Adventure Pass Level 30+: AIRDROP + 2 NFTs per A.P.

Adventure Pass Level 15+: AIRDROP + 1 NFT per A.P.

Adventure Pass Level 0+: 1 NFT per A.P.

The Metabolts PFP Collection offers exclusive access to the Delabs airdrop, staking rewards and early gameplay advantages. The Delabs Adventure Pass is the overarching NFT, offering the highest tier access to all games from Delabs.

There are several pricing tiers:

Adventure Pass Level 0+~30+: 0.06 ETH

Private List: 0.8 ETH

GTD Whitelist: 0.1 ETH

Public Sale: 0.1 ETH

Adventure Pass Holders and close partners will have 24 hours to reserve their mint in a private sale deposit. Those who participate will be able to claim their reserved NFTs on mint day. Whitelisted addresses will have access to a guaranteed mint with the quantity remaining from the private sale. Any address can mint during the public sale.

“We’re excited to introduce our PFP characters as part of the upcoming Metabolts,” said Joonmo Kwon, CEO of Delabs. “This is a character-based JRPG that requires skill-based strategy elements and it has really resonated with our gamers. Being able to offer a Metabolts NFT mint to give those dedicated players access to extras is something we’re proud of since we value their dedication to the game. We look forward to offering more benefits in the future.”

Set in 2025, Metabolts offers a deep, character-driven narrative that explores the theme of personal survival in a world that has almost ended. As part of the game, the central bank collapses, and survivors are tasked with finding a new alternative currency, a metaphor for the emergence of decentralized currencies challenging central authorities.

More information on the Metabolts NFT minting can be found here:

About Delabs Games

Delabs Games is a game development and publishing company that focuses on delivering high-quality and engaging games in web3. Our aim is to offer exceptional graphics and immersive gameplay experiences to all players, regardless of their knowledge about NFTs, wallets, or cryptocurrencies. We provide a simple and seamless onboarding process, ensuring that everyone can enjoy our web3 games to the fullest.

At Delabs Games, we are currently developing three blockchain-native games, including a racing game and two role-playing games. Our team consists of the best producers and artists in the industry who are dedicated to delivering the most exciting and innovative games in their respective genres.

We believe in making our games accessible to everyone, and we are committed to creating user-friendly games that are enjoyable for players of all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the web3 space, we invite you to experience the thrill of Delabs Games.

For more information, please visit:

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