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How to Mint an NFT on Cardano (ADA)

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How To Mint An Nft On Cardano (Ada)

Creating an NFT collection is no longer a preserve of blockchain techies. Today, courtesy of many easy-to-use platforms, anyone can create an NFT collection, list it on marketplaces, and make money from sales and royalties.

Cardano NFTs are the perfect NFTs for beginner creators. It uses a cheaper, faster, and more efficient blockchain than Ethereum, the most popular NFT minting blockchain. So, without delay, let’s mint a Cardano NFT.

Preparing to Mint Cardano NFT

To mint a Cardano NFT, you need a Cardano wallet funded with some ADA. You can use any of the top Cardano wallets in the market, but in this case, we’ll use Typhon, a lightweight wallet, for illustration purposes.

Visit the Typhon Wallet download page and download the extension for your preferred browser. Install the extension and create a new wallet. Send at least 5 ADA to the provided Receiving Address.

Below is our Typhon Wallet funded with 5 ADA.

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