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Meet Flurbo, Schmeckle, and the DeFi.Gold NFT Marketplace Launch

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Introducing Flurbo, Schmeckle, And The Launch Of'S Nft Marketplace

Georgetown, Cayman Islands, July 9th, 2024, Chainwire

The DeFi.Gold team is thrilled to announce the launch of two memecoins, Flurbo and Schmeckle, in partnership with DeFi.Gold. These projects are bringing their Bitcoin Runes tokens to the forefront, aiming to revolutionize the crypto space with a unique twist.

These twin currencies are set to become the preferred choice for a new Web3 game being developed by DeFi.Gold’s seed investors and takes advantage of both the Bitcoin and the Telegram Open Network blockchains.

Schmeckle will be launching on Magic Eden July 19, 2024. Flurbos are available today for minting by the community. More information on both can be found at and, respectively.

Mona Coyle, CEO of DeFi.Gold, shares her excitement: “We’re not just launching tokens; we’re launching the future of metaverse economies. Flurbo and Schmeckle are more than just memes; they are the heartbeats of a new DAO that will change the way we think about in-game currency and governance. Plus, who wouldn’t want to own a piece of an intergalactic enterprise?”

A portion of both Flurbo and Schmeckle Runes will be airdropped to holders of DGOLD tokens by end of Q2, 2024.

In addition to these exciting launches, DeFi.Gold has announced the debut of its decentralized NFT marketplace on Bitcoin Testnet, support for testnet Ordinals is enabled with RGB and Taproot Asset NFTs slated for release in August. The marketplace, accessible at, will undergo community-led quality assurance testing with rewards through DeFi.Gold’s Zealy campaign.

DeFi.Gold also anticipates the testnet launch of its launchpad for Runes tokens this month.

For more information, contact:

Mona Coyle, CEO DeFi.Gold

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