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Robert Alice Makes NFT History and Shares His Story

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Robert Alice Made Nft History, Now He’s Writing About It

Robert Alice is a pseudonym used by an established U.K.-based artist who was inspired by the emerging world of NFT art. Wanting to dive into this realm, Robert Alice created a character that has quickly produced a number of highly acclaimed conceptual art installations. These installations have been showcased in various locations, including Sealand, the Monnaie de Paris, and through generative AI that delved into literary history.

While the financial aspect of NFTs has faced challenges, with even the “blue chip” collections seeing bear market valuations, Robert Alice believes in the broader potential of NFTs beyond mere speculation. He views NFTs as part of a larger crypto-anarchic movement, offering a platform for anyone with creative ideas to participate.

In an interview with CoinDesk, Robert Alice highlighted the parallels between art and value systems, emphasizing the value and empowerment that NFTs bring to the art industry. He has been working on a survey of NFT art history and edited the book “On NFTs” for TASCHEN, the renowned art book publisher. Robert Alice’s contributions to the NFT space have been significant, including being the first to sell a work at auction at Christie’s.

Recently, Robert Alice launched a new series at Christie’s called “SOURCE [ON NFTs],” showcasing generative machine learning creations. This project reflects his passion for exploring NFT history and how blockchain is reshaping the traditional art market.

Robert Alice’s approach to displaying NFT collections at home involves custom screens optimized for digital artworks, treating them like traditional art pieces. As the NFT space evolves, he envisions AR and VR experiences that will enhance the viewing process. With the release of “ON NFTs” by TASCHEN, there is now a tangible representation of NFT art history in a physical format.

Robert Alice’s work has taken him to unique locations like the Monnaie de Paris and Sealand, reflecting his interest in challenging conventional art exhibition spaces. Discussing topics like truth and crypto’s impact on society, Robert Alice continues to push boundaries in the NFT and art world.

While Robert Alice is not a crypto anarchist, he deeply believes in the mission of bitcoin and the transformative power of crypto. His insights into the NFT space, history, and aesthetics provide a compelling perspective on the intersection of art and technology.

Overall, Robert Alice’s contributions to the NFT art scene and his dedication to exploring the history and future of the space are evident in his work and collaborations. Through projects like “SOURCE [ON NFTs]” and the book “ON NFTs,” he continues to provoke thought and encourage diverse perspectives within the NFT community.

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