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Shiba Inu Native NFT Project Might Steal The Spotlight Away From Shibarium

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Shiba Inu Native Nft Project Might Steal The Spotlight Away From Shibarium

Shiboshi, a collection of 10,000 exclusive Shiba Inu NFTs, has climbed up the popularity ladder to occupy the 37th spot out of the top 100 collections on OpenSea. While the SHIB community is presumably occupied by the upcoming launch of the L-2 layer, a key member reveals why the NFT project might steal the show.

The “master” of the collectible card game [CCG] of the Shiba Inu ecosystem and a moderator of Shibarium Tech, Mazrael, told IBT in an exclusive interview that the meme token ecosystem’s pixelized digital collectibles have maintained their status since its inception in October 2021. This is “thanks to promotional tools such as ‘Shiba Eternity.”

The buck does not stop here. Mazrael has said that Shiboshis will see the introduction of certain “Revolutionary Utilities” in the future, and the anticipation is causing members to stockpile NFTs. In keeping with the SHIB members’ reputation for discretion, Mazarael too did not go into any detail other than hinting that this might have something to do with a “renting mechanic and a breeding mechanic.”

These planned utilities, according to Mazrael, might provide players access to “new trait combinations, appearances, and powers” and allow them to combine “two Shiboshis to create a new unique one.”

When asked what the community should expect from Shiboshis, he said that a variety of “exciting applications,” including “staking,” are in the works. According to him, the pixelized collection will play the biggest part in the upcoming Play-To-Earn [P2E] version of “Shiba Eternity.”

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