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Slog PM: Trump Enters the NFT Market, Get Ready to Get Real Cold, Another Mall Shooting, Yawn

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Slog Pm: Trump Enters The Nft Market, Get Ready To Get Real Cold, Another Mall Shooting, Yawn

Casey Cain and Jose Betancourth are graffiti taggers “accused of causing more than $300,000 in damage around the city.” The road identify of the previous is “Eager,” and the latter is “Satan.” They have been captured by the police final week on Capitol Hill. They’re, in accordance with KIRO, members of “a group called ‘Big Time Mob,’ or “B-T-M”—a graffiti crew that tags in Seattle and Portland.” However few practices on this world are extra city than graffiti. It is throughout New York Metropolis. It defines Berlin. It might probably even be discovered in Beijing. However right here we’re arresting individuals for doing what exactly a city should do. However we’re cursed with a category of people that don’t know or clear understanding of the truth that these above them, the wealthy, have constrained their solely path to monetary stability to the possession of property. That is the center class. They’ve remodeled this constraint into a faith. This is the reason they, greater than another group in a metropolis, even the wealthy, are obsessive about the in any other case regular enterprise of tagging and what have you ever.

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