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Soul Machines’ Jack Nicklaus NFTs Include ‘Digital Jack’ Video

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Soul Machines’ Jack Nicklaus Nfts Include ‘Digital Jack’ Video

Synthetic intelligence firm Soul Machines has partnered with Nicklaus Corporations to launch an 18-token NFT assortment of Jack Nicklaus, one collectible for every of his record-setting 18 main golf championship victories. The tokens will probably be offered on NFT platform Aspen and permit house owners to entry perks corresponding to signed memorabilia, unique Nicklaus merchandise, and VIP entry to tournaments based by the golf legend such because the PGA Tour’s Memorial Event and Jack Nicklaus Worldwide Invitational.

NFT house owners will turn out to be founding members of the Golden Bear Club, a brand new NFT membership program from the 82-year-old Nicklaus. Every of the 18 NFTs will even embrace a video from Digital Jack, the autonomously animated digital model of a 38-year-old Jack Nicklaus on the peak of his golf profession that Soul Machines launched earlier this yr. Soul Machines analyzed archived footage of Nicklaus to create his visible digital twin with movement seize know-how to copy his likeness, voice, facial actions, and mannerisms.

“I’ve had the privilege of meeting Jack [Nicklaus] in real life, but a lot of fans never get that. So this is an opportunity for fans to have a personal one-on-one interaction with Digital Jack,” says Greg Cross, CEO of New Zealand and San Francisco-based Soul Machines. “We’re launching a digital golf club. Jack and his team have launched golf clubs all over the world, people who play golf are used to belonging to a golf club. So creating the digital Golden Bear Club is another really exciting component part of this.”

Soul Machines markets its product as an autonomous “digital people” software program. Cross co-founded the corporate in 2016 alongside Academy Award-winning visible impact specialist Mark Sagar, who has labored on motion pictures corresponding to Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011), King Kong (2005) and Avatar (2009). Rapper and NBA star Carmelo Anthony have additionally launched digital twins in partnership with Soul Machines. Followers can ask Digital Jack about how he would play a specific gap on a selected golf course or questions associated to his upbringing, household and profession.

“Our AI is about animation, interaction and the behavioral responses,” Cross says. “We put a huge amount of effort into making sure that digital Jack behaves and responds and talks in same way that Jack does. The voice technology is completely synthetic AI voice technology. So [digital] Jack can speak in Japanese to his Japanese fans for the first time, or Korean to fans of golf in Korea,” including, “this is a legacy project for Jack and his companies, brand and his family.”

Soul Machines Analyzed Archived Footage Of Nicklaus To Create His Visual Digital Twin With Motion Capture Technology To Replicate His Likeness, Voice, Facial Movements, And Mannerisms.

Soul Machines analyzed archived footage of Nicklaus to create his visible digital twin with movement seize know-how to copy his likeness, voice, facial actions, and mannerisms.

Cross envisions digital avatars from Soul Machines being helpful to companies as digital helpers throughout medical, retail, educating, and different industries, corresponding to a digital retail avatar answering on-line questions from clients a couple of product or a digital nurse answering questions on a process. Soul Machines additionally has a partnership with Genuine Manufacturers Group to create a digital Marilyn Monroe.

Synthetic intelligence is presently having a mainstream second by ChatGPT, the net chatbot that combs by web content material to provide detailed written responses to query prompts typed by the person. OpenAI, which lists Elon Musk as considered one of its co-founders, is the proprietor of ChatGPT.

“We work very closely with the guys at OpenAI and we’ve been experimenting with ChatGPT-3 since they started making it available,” Cross says. “But there’s a line here that we think is really important because when you’re dealing with a celebrity like digital Jack Nicklaus or one of our corporate brands, brand content is always curated. If you’ve played with [ChatGPT], it can get into some pretty interesting topics pretty quickly. So this is not technology that’s ready for big brands to put to use in real life today. Brands want their digital representatives, their digital twins, digital influencers, to stay on brand and stay on topic.”

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