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The Weekly Cryptocurrency Report: Comprehensive Market Analysis of Blockchain, DeFi, NFT, and Beyond

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Crypto Weekly Report: In-Depth Market Analysis, Blockchain, Defi, Nft And More

Welcome to Web3, Blockchain & Crypto Weekly Magazine, your go-to source for the latest developments in blockchain, cryptocurrency, and the evolving Web3 landscape. Each week, we give you a comprehensive overview of breaking news, insightful analyses, and in-depth coverage of key industry trends.

In this fast-paced, highly competitive digital era, staying informed is paramount. Our mission is to provide you with curated content that distills complex data and concepts into easily digestible insights, empowering you to navigate the ever-changing landscape of Web3, blockchain, and crypto with confidence.

Our weekly report is meticulously crafted using original data sourced from reputed platforms such as Coingecko, Defilama, Coinmarketcap, Blockworks, ETFdb, Cryptoslam, ICODrops, and Cruchbase. By leveraging these trusted sources, we ensure the accuracy and reliability of our analyses.

Here is a glimpse of what you can expect from each edition of Web3, Blockchain and Crypto Weekly Magazine.

Blockchain performance: Analyses top blockchains, highlighting movers and shakers based on 7-day changes and TVL. Cryptocurrency Market: Covers prices, dominance trends, and notable gainers and losers of the week. Stablecoin Overview: Explores leading stablecoin stability and growth using metrics like market capitalisation, dominance and trading volume.

Bitcoin ETF Market Analysis: Examines the evolving landscape of Bitcoin ETFs, including futures and spot.

DeFi Market Overview: Provides insights into the decentralised finance sector, tracking metrics like 7-day TVL. NFT Marketplace Analysis: Explores NFT marketplace activity, as well as top NFT collectible sales. Web3 Funding Analysis: Reveals an overview of the ICO landscape. Weekly Blockchain Hack Analysis: Provides clear insights about hacks and associated losses.

Web3, Blockchain & Crypto Weekly Magazine is your trusted companion on the journey towards a decentralised future. Join us each week, as we unravel the latest development using original data.

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