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Why ‘World According To Micki Grant’ is a Must-See NFT

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‘World According To Micki Grant’ Is Must-See From Nft

The late Micki Grant was a talented actress, book writer, and music and lyrics creator for decades. She gave us such beloved productions as, “Your Arms Too Short To Box With God,” “Working,” and “Don’t Bother Me, I Can’t Cope” to name a few. An absolutely gorgeous tribute by Woodie King’s New Federal Theatre in honor of this lady’s great life and contributions to the Broadway and off-Broadway theater community, “The World According to Micki Grant” has a concept, adaptation and direction by Nora Cole, an actress who performed in Grant’s musicals and was a lifelong friend. The production is a love letter to Micki Grant and it is a demonstration of her love for her Black community and her desire for us to get our shot in this industry. The production is created utilizing the writings and music of Grant.

From the time you step into the NFT’s new theater space, located at

2162 Broadway and 76th Street

, you hear Grant’s lovely voice singing songs that she composed. Four actors, three women and one man, then take on multiple characters, including Grant herself at three different phases in her career with the names that she used at each point. This very capable ensemble of actors includes Matelyn Alicia, April Armstrong, Patrice Bell, and Brian Davis. They sing and dance their hearts out as they tell Grant’s story of her childhood, youth, and adulthood. You see the influences in her life through her family members and through what was happening in the world. You hear about her triumphs throughout her career, seeing playbills from both her Broadway successes and her flops.

What this musical is filled with is her love for humanity and her hope that we can change things for the better, if that is indeed what we want. She was someone who boldly sang about the power of Black women and all the pressures put on Black women.

One of the most beautiful aspects to this lovely musical is all the photos of Grant from her childhood, adolescence, and adulthood as a veteran of the theater. This is a lady who created work opportunities for so many Black actors and other creatives when the work wasn’t there. The production also acknowledges the special roles and relationships Grant had with people like playwright and actress Vinnette Carroll, and how that directly played into her life and success. This musical is a story of the true-life power and beauty of a woman who left an indelible mark on society. She is someone to be treasured always. Please make it your business to go and see this musical. You will be glad you experienced it. Micki Grant was a pioneer of her time, and she left a legacy that needs to be shared with every generation. For ticket information visit

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