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Yoshiki Okamoto Launches Changokushi as His Latest NFT Game

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Changokushi Is A New Nft Game Project By Yoshiki Okamoto

Yoshiki Okamoto has officially unveiled his NFT game project. Previously hinted at as Project K, the project will now be known as Changokushi. The new title is an abbreviation for Oneechan Sangokushi, and it will showcase female versions of Romance of the Three Kingdoms characters similar to the Koihime Musou franchise. The project will include multiple games, with the first one being a rogue-lite auto-battling mobile RPG called Changokushi! Kekkon-shiyou.

Okamoto also explained how his project will be more user-friendly compared to other NFT titles on the series’ portal site. Players will have the option to buy NFT characters using credit cards instead of cryptocurrencies. The NFTs can be used in most of the series’ games, as long as the character has been added to the game’s roster.

Players can immediately start playing the free-to-play games without needing to acquire any NFTs beforehand. Okamoto’s company Okakichi has also launched an NFT marketplace site for the project, named KUSOGeeeeee—inspired by the Japanese term meaning “crappy games.”

The project’s inaugural game, Changokushi! Kekkon-shiyou, has a Japanese subtitle based on a pun of “Let’s get married.” However, the term “Kekkon” uses a different kanji character from the typical “Marriage” word, signifying “Soul Binding” to refer to weapon fusions as a key gameplay aspect.

Players will collect numerous weapons through gameplay and can fuse them using the Soul Binding feature to create more potent weapons. Then, they have the option to sell the fused weapons on the NFT market.

Changokushi! Kekkon-shiyou, the first installment in Yoshiki Okamoto’s NFT game project, will be accessible for Android and iOS mobile devices.

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