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Hester Peirce, also known as ‘Crypto Mom’, Calls for Productive Regulation in Coinbase Global

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'Crypto Mom' Hester Peirce: Regulation Should Take 'A Productive Path' - Coinbase Glb (Nasdaq:coin)

Hester Peirce, a Commissioner at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) often referred to as “Crypto Mom,” criticized the agency’s cautious approach to cryptocurrency regulation in a recent interview.

During the interview, Peirce highlighted a fundamental philosophical difference between her and SEC Chair Gary Gensler.


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Peirce emphasized that in America, it is important for people to have the freedom to make choices without the government intervening.

She has consistently supported economic innovation and opposed the SEC’s efforts to block spot Ethereum exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and heavily regulate crypto markets.

Peirce also criticized past decisions by the SEC, such as the 2017 DAO Report, which classified digital tokens as securities, stifling innovation in the crypto space.

One of Peirce’s biggest frustrations is the lack of clear regulations from the SEC, leaving businesses unsure of how to comply with unclear guidelines.

She believes a more proactive approach is necessary and has championed initiatives like the Safe Harbor proposal to offer temporary regulatory relief to startups working on decentralized technologies.

Despite the current challenges, Peirce remains optimistic and believes that a productive path forward is inevitable. She encourages starting now rather than waiting.

Events like Benzinga’s upcoming Future of Digital Assets conference can help bridge the gap between regulators and innovators in the cryptocurrency space.

It’s a crucial event for anyone interested in the future of cryptocurrency.

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