A crypto research chief who says ethereum can ultimately ascend to $35,000 shared his 2 most loved altcoins — and why contrasting crypto with tech stocks back in 1999 is really a commendation

A crypto research director who says ethereum can eventually rise to $35,000 shared his 2 favorite altcoins — and why comparing crypto to tech stocks back in 1999 is actually a compliment

Geoffrey Kendrick sees bitcoin and ethereum hitting $100,000 and $10,000 this year, separately.
Standard Chartered’s head of crypto research thinks ethereum might one day at some point hit $35,000.
Kendrick likewise examined two altcoins he accepted were promising.

Cryptographic forms of money look strikingly like innovation stocks in the last part of the 1990s, said Geoffrey Kendrick, the head of crypto research at Standard Chartered, the fifth-largest bank in the United Kingdom.

But that is really something worth being thankful for, Kendrick told Insider in a new meeting — despite the fact that he was very much aware that the scandalous tech air pocket of 2000 in the long run popped.

“I’m not using that because in 2000 tech blew up,” Kendrick told Insider. “But rather to say the size of the market, the development of the market, was similar.”

Kendrick proceeded: “We really haven’t seen the extreme price movement and participation that we saw in tech then. So I’m thinking more about the number of users. And there are very direct crossovers between the number of users of crypto assets, addresses, and the number of users of the internet in 1999. It actually stacks up in terms of share of global population almost exactly.”

A crypto blast that doesn’t end in a bust would be a welcome advancement for financial backers in the space after what’s been a bleak year such a long ways for computerized resources. Bitcoin and ethereum, the two biggest tokens by market capitalization, are down 18% and 23% year to date, individually. In any case, Kendrick is centered around a more extended timeline.

“If we fast-forward five or 10 years, there’s a very, very constructive backdrop here,” Kendrick said. “And the use cases in things like ethereum, for example, haven’t really even played out yet at all. So my backdrop is very, very positive.”

So positive, truth be told, that Kendrick’s 2022 cost focuses for bitcoin and ethereum are $100,000 and $10,000, individually — which infers potential gain of around 150% and 250% for those cryptos. Kendrick affirmed to Insider that in the long haul, he actually accepted ethereum could rise more than ten times to $35,000, a cost focus on that Reuters first revealed in September 2021.

“There’s been various market observers that are saying that, as in past bitcoin halving cycles, we’re presently getting into the last part of that, and — in past cycles — that has been a negative sign,” Kendrick said. “I disagree with that logic.”

How bitcoin and ethereum will get to the moon

Standard Chartered’s head of crypto research is sure that bitcoin and ethereum “have very different drivers” than in past exchanging cycles, which is the reason he thinks they’ll bounce back this year.

Perhaps the main impetus for bitcoin and ethereum, Kendrick said, is that purported smart money is streaming into the cryptos notwithstanding their gigantic drawdowns since last November. That wasn’t true in the last part of the 2010s, he said.

“Institutional money is coming and has continued to come despite the sell-off, which obviously, at its most aggressive, was more than 50% in bitcoin and ethereum,” Kendrick said. “So that, for me, says, ‘This time is different.'”

Bitcoin could arrive at the upper finish of Kendrick’s cost forecast assuming the token in the long run turned into a universally perceived store of significant worth that represented around 2% of the world’s resources, the examination head said. On the whole, the crypto should keep on aiding bank the unbanked and develop into a “genuine peer-to-peer transaction solution,” Kendrick added.

Meanwhile, Kendrick said that ethereum ought to profit from a forthcoming organization redesign that specialists have named “the merge.” The occasion, which is set to decrease the quantity of new ether tokens that enter dissemination, is basic for the crypto market and may prompt a flood of new speculation, Kendrick said. From that point forward, he said, ethereum may take the title of top token.

“I suspect that opens up the medium-term possibility of ethereum’s valuation overtaking bitcoin,” Kendrick said. “For that, you’d need to get — so my end-of-year targets are $100,000 and $10,000, which is a 10-to-1. You need to get to about 16% of price, which I suspect is where we go in 2023.”

2 ‘ethereum executioners’ to watch

Besides bitcoin and ethereum, Kendrick said he had his eye on two altcoins specifically: polkadot (DOT) and torrential slide (AVAX). Those two alleged “ethereum killers” are as yet worth considering as ethereum’s union approaches, Kendrick said, adding that financial backers might need to “be bullish on something which doesn’t do exactly what ethereum does.”

Polkadot, which is a multichain convention that intends to interface different blockchains, is well known to a limited extent since it was established by Gavin Wood, ethereum’s cocreator, Kendrick said. The crypto research head said he’s positive on parachains as the ethereum combine takes place.

“Polkadot likely stands apart for me as far as layer ones as a possible recipient medium term, given its kind of center use instance of making linkages between chains,” Kendrick said. “That’s probably, in terms of the top 10 or 20 in size of layer ones, would be my No. 1 choice.”

Avalanche got to a greater degree a careful suggestion from Kendrick, considering that it’s viewed as an immediate contender to ethereum. In any case, he recognized that the two tokens didn’t need to be fundamentally unrelated, as a crypto financial backer could possess both.

“I actually do quite like avalanche,” Kendrick said. “I suspect that it could — in terms of being a similar thing to ethereum — actually, avalanche I think can possibly do OK anyway. Let’s say post-ethereum merge, it’s sort of like a mini-me version.”

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