Blockchain and NFT innovation driven Crurated raises €3 million – Retail Technology Innovation Hub

Blockchain and NFT technology centric Crurated raises €3 million — Retail Technology Innovation Hub

“We are the first wine marketplace in the world to use blockchain technology where it matters, certifying at scale every single bottle that comes directly from producers into our warehouse in Burgundy,” says de Gaetano.

“We offer clients full traceability from the moment it leaves the Producers’ cellar to the moment it arrives at their own. We’ve built an infrastructure that connects the Crurated marketplace to the warehouse management system and our blockchain infrastructure.”

“Generally speaking, gaining access to top producers and rare wines is challenging if not impossible for most wine lovers,” says Van Aeken.

“With strong producer relationships and a blockchain driven platform, Crurated is making world class wines accessible to people around the world while at the same time bringing new technology into wine sourcing and collecting.”

Crurated makes a NFT for each jug of wine that goes into its distribution center.

This gives data on any semblance of proprietorship history, one of a kind, grape plantation area, and varietal.

It is open by tapping on a NFC or RFID empowered telephone. The container history is additionally refreshed through a new blockchain recording whenever the wine is exchanged and the symbolic moves starting with one client then onto the next.

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