BSV to have Blockchain 4 Gaming gathering in Warsaw

ZUG, Switzerland, April 8, 2022/PRNewswire/ – – The BSV blockchain’s Switzerland– based worldwide industry association that attempts to propel business with the BSV blockchain and advanced money, today reports that it will have a one-day Blockchain 4 Gaming meeting at Esport SPOT in Warsaw, Poland on June 7, 2022.

The one-day Blockchain 4 Gaming meeting will unite industry specialists and business people building gaming projects on the BSV blockchain, displaying the capacity of BSV to convey a steady and productive stage for the interesting new age of NFT-based and play-to-procure games.

Poland is a worldwide center for the gaming business and is home to in excess of 470 game improvement studios and distributers, a considerable lot of which have conveyed widely popular titles and are seeing amazing income development. This makes it the ideal area wherein to have the Blockchain 4 Gaming gathering, which intends to bring mindfulness and schooling about how the BSV blockchain can alter the game advancement industry.

The occasion will be facilitated by Marcin Zarakowski, General Counsel and Chief of Staff at BSV Blockchain Association, and Marcin Rzetecki, Technical Outreach Specialist at BSV Blockchain Association and Co-author of the Polish Blockchain Association. The meeting will highlight a few recognized speakers from across the blockchain gaming industry, including numerous who have sent games that are as of now dynamic and scaling on the BSV organization. Subjects of conversation will incorporate tokenisation of in-game things, effectively integrable systems for web based gaming and play-to-acquire plans of action in light of BSV’s assistance of micropayments.

Speakers at the Blockchain 4 Gaming gathering in Warsaw, Poland, include:

Patrick Prinz – Managing Director, BSV Blockchain Association
Marcin Zarakowski – General Counsel and Chief of Staff, BSV Blockchain Association
Alex Agut – CEO, HandCash
Rafael Jimenez – CTO, HandCash
Adam Kling – CEO and Founder, FYX Gaming
Joe De Pinto – Co-author, Haste Arcade
Lady Buki – Co-author, PowChess
Alexei Torgashov – Co-author, PowChess
Marcin Rzetecki – Technical Outreach Specialist at BSV Blockchain Association and Co-author of the Polish Blockchain Association

The BSV blockchain scales unbounded to help high volumes of information and installment exchanges at negligible expense – showing throughput of 50,000 to 100,000 exchanges each second with forthcoming hub programming and middle exchange charges that are a little part of a U.S. penny. According to a specialized viewpoint, BSV offers micropayment, brilliant agreement, tokenisation, IoT, calculation and more information functionalities.

These one of a kind capacities make BSV the best stage on which to work cutting edge gaming items and administrations, as exhibited by the progress of utilizations, for example, Haste Arcade and FYX Gaming, who will grandstand their items at the Blockchain 4 Gaming conference.

Commenting on the present declaration, BSV Blockchain Association General Counsel and Chief of Staff Marcin Zarakowski, said:

‘As reception of games running on the BSV blockchain keeps on developing at a noteworthy rate, we are really glad to feature the abilities of these applications at the Blockchain 4 Gaming gathering in Poland, Warsaw. Poland has a flourishing game industry and is the home of incredibly popular studios and distributers, making it the best spot to have this occasion. Go along with us and investigate the fate of gaming and the one of a kind capacity of BSV to empower blockchain-based gaming at a scale a long ways past that of contending platforms.’

To study the BSV blockchain and register for the impending Blockchain 4 Gaming gathering on June 7, 2022, visit

About the BSV Blockchain

BSV is the ideal blockchain for big business and government projects. With unbounded on-chain scaling, the BSV blockchain addresses the issues of huge scope innovation applications: high exchange volumes, quick speed, unsurprising low charges, micropayment abilities, and more noteworthy information limit. Its strong specialized abilities empower brilliant agreements, tokenization, IoT gadget the executives, calculation and then some. As a public record, BSV additionally empowers straightforwardness, auditability and more trustworthiness for state run administrations, residents and endeavors. Applications on BSV currently range a wide cluster of industry areas – media and diversion, virtual entertainment, web based games, Metaverse/AR/VR, computerized publicizing, information trustworthiness, ID the executives, taxpayer driven organizations, inventory network, bookkeeping, RegTech, conveyed network insight, Internet of Things, and monetary administrations. BSV likewise upholds a climate well disposed and guideline agreeable blockchain ecosystem.



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