Cardalonia Metaverse Project Integrates Adahandle Set To Release First Metaverse Trailer

Cardalonia Metaverse Project Integrates Adahandle Set To Release First Metaverse Trailer

Blockchain and metaverse gaming has become very famous as of late, and these games are slowly changing the whole gaming industry with the presentation of non-fungible resources as tokens existing on the blockchain. These days, gamers benefit from blockchain ideas, for example, NFTS to make games a wellspring of diversion as well as an automated revenue stream.

As metaverse games keep on detonating, designers are continually dealing with working on the utilities of the DAO tokens driving the metaverse games while likewise presenting additional procuring potential open doors for players. Cardalonia is one such game based on the Cardano network.

Cardalonia is a metaverse play-to-procure project being based on the Cardano blockchain. The Cardalonia metaverse is a drawing in and fun virtual reality where $LONIA DAO token holders can procure 3D NFT symbols, land, mingle, play, exchange, and take part in occasions to acquire rewards.

Cardalonia will permit players to construct their own encounters on the metaverse. The venture’s group means to form the stage into a decentralized, multi-player, and multi-chain environment of different interconnected worlds.

How Does It Work?

$LONIA Token holders will actually want to pick their destinies in the Cardalonia biological system by buying a real estate parcel, which would decide the tribe they have a place to.

There are four families – the Originals, the Royals, the Lords and Knights, and the Peasants.

It’s likewise vital to take note of that you would have to have some $LONIA tokens before you will actually want to participate in the land pre-deal. Whenever clients have gained or leased a Land, players can begin planning and building their encounters. Cardalonia makes it simpler for players to work as each land will permit unlimited authority of play mechanics.

ADAHandle Integration

$LONIA Token Holders have a functioning stake in the Cardalonia Staking Vault can decide to show their ADA handles on the Cardalonia Vault Leaderboard.

Once the Cardalonia metaverse is completely sent off, it means to give assigned land on proposition to serve the local area for work, play, and wellbeing purposes. The in-game NFT resources are presently being developed and will be delivered soon.

Features of Cardalonia

Cardalonia has a few elements on its metaverse stage to support the environment’s utility and give clients value.


Players can raise their ongoing faction individuals to make new families. These new tribes have exceptional and uncommon elements that assist with expanding players’ revenue.

Cardalonia Marketplace

This is an in-house NFT commercial center where clients can rundown, purchase, and sell their Cardalonia collectibles. In the commercial center, players can buy land, purchase and exchange Avatars, as well as in-game enhancers and pearls. The commercial center is at present under development.


Cardalonia as of late sent off its marking stage, permitting clients to begin marking their tokens following obtaining them. Clients can acquire up to 25% APY on their marked tokens.

The LONIA token

LONIA is the local utility symbolic that works with all exchanges on the Cardalonia metaverse. There will be a sum of 100 million LONIA tokens with a solid lock strategy, meaning no further tokens will be made in the future.

LONIA token holders will get a few advantages, including admittance to select NFT drops, whitelist for group drops, and admittance to restrictive encounters, advantages, and things in the Cardalonia biological system. Holders can likewise decide on specific choices that could influence the Cardalonia ecosystem.

Staking rewards are appropriated by means of the LONIA token. The token is likewise used to make buys and pay land rent.

How To Acquire $LONIA Tokens

Interested early adopters can visit the symbolic deal page to Acquire some Lonia tokens at the least expensive cost before it gets recorded on trades here

Here are the token stats:

1 ADA = 13 $LONIA Tokens
Sales duration= 6 Epochs
Seed deals distribution: 15,000,000 tokens
Minimum purchase: 250 ADA

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