Clever Tailor and Smart Token Labs Sell Out First-Ever

Nifty Tailor and Smart Token Labs Sell Out First-Ever

SINGAPORE, April 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – – Nifty Tailor, a NFT style stage, today reported the fruitful rat of the Nifty Tailor Genesis Mint – the first on-chain checked subordinate assortment for Bored Ape and Mutant Ape Yacht Club holders. Sent off in a joint effort with open-source programming innovation organization, Smart Token Labs, the 2,500 subordinate NFT mints sold out in the span of one hour on April 10. Exhausted Ape and Mutant Ape subordinate NFT deals on the optional market have topped 100 ETH in the initial 48 hours following the deal. The Nifty Tailor Genesis Mint attendants in another time in Web3 innovation by empowering exceptional cooperation open doors for all NFT holders and brands entering the Web3 ecosystem.

The effective deal by the OG Ape tailors features the high gatherer interest in utility based projects created by legitimate local area individuals. The IP holders from Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club can utilize their unique NFTs to make subsidiaries with custom outfits, rejuvenated by prestigious Ape style fashioners, and acquire unending eminences from the optional deals.

“The Nifty Tailor Genesis Mint hints at what is possible for derivative NFTs, both in terms of meaningful utility and the massive secondary value for brands entering the world of Web3,” said Smart Token Labs Co-author and CEO, Victor Zhang. “TokenScript provides a smart token interface that enables us to make tokens smart. We view NFTs not only as digital collectibles, but as bridges to Web2 brands, websites or membership programs. The possibilities are endless, open, and permissionless.”

Started as a tomfoolery design project between two Ape companions, Nifty Tailor has developed into an undeniable style stage for BAYC, MAYC and other well known NFT assortments. All around dearest and regarded in the Ape people group, Nifty Tailor are on the way of carrying invigorating coordinated efforts with well known style brands to the stage, adding most loved plans from prestigious craftsmen and broadening the utilities for all subordinate holders.

“We believe this genesis mint only scratches the surface of what is possible for the evolution of NFTs,” added Nifty Tailor prime supporter Kryptoragazzo. “TokenScript brings NFTs a new layer of value and utility. Styling digital collectibles will be the next wave of Web3 identification.”

Under the hood of the Nifty Tailor stage is a progression of custom savvy contracts created in-house by Smart Token Labs. This subsidiaries shrewd agreement system has been planned considering the IP holder, guaranteeing fair and very secure associations. Next on the guide for SmartToken Labs is exploiting the open-source innovation bundle they have been working beginning around 2018. Their TokenScript Brand Connector goes about as an actuation span for Web2 brands and NFT assortments and can be arranged to cooperate with any mint piece, NFT or a subordinate – giving vast potential outcomes to fabricate exceptional encounters and utility around NFTs.

Smart Token Labs and Nifty Tailor expect to accomplice on a drawn out premise, and will effectively hope to reach out to other well known NFT assortments and work with future drops.

To more deeply study Smart Token Labs, if it’s not too much trouble, visit: To look at future Nifty Tailor mints, see or join the local area Discord.

Follow Smart Token Labs on Twitter and Medium, and join the discussion on Discord.


Nifty Tailor is a NFT design stage that allows clients to make Derivatives in light of probably the most famous NFT profile picture assortments. Holders of the first NFTs can utilize Nifty Tailor to add various outfits to their things and mint these as new NFTs. The venture works with notable advanced specialists from the NFT people group and will help out brands for future drops.

Nifty Tailor was made by two companions who aped into the Bored Ape Yacht Club in its initial days. It began as an off-chain outfit answer for north of 25 distinct NFT assortments and acquired incredible fame among NFT holders who utilized it to communicate their thoughts with various garments and style items.


Since 2017 STL has been building two center extensions to a Web3 future where tokens are just about as omnipresent as pages. AlphaWallet a completely open-source portable NFT wallet and superuser specialist for savvy tokens; TokenScript as a brilliant symbolic connection point. TokenScript is a structure that takes into consideration token composability, conveyability, rationale, and capacities and has use cases in NFT, gaming, DeFi, PlayFi, and the metaverse.

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Nifty Tailor Genesis Mint

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