David Grutman’s Komodo Offers a “Fire & Ice” NFT (Dessert Optional)

David Grutman's Komodo Offers a "Fire & Ice" NFT (Dessert Optional)

Miami Tech Week and the Miami Bitcoin Conference are filling our city with tech brothers and crypto investors.

Usually, the main association a café could have in seven days, for example, this is potentially offer a mark mixed drink – anybody up for a “TechTini” or maybe a bit “Hair of the Doge” after a long night?

Until now.

Groot Hospitality, in organization with the NFT organization Bubblehouse, has made a NFT dessert called “Fire & Ice.” The NFT is restricted to 300, at $100 a pop.

What, you could well ask, is a NFT dessert? A pastry lives on the blockchain. Along these lines, for this situation, NFT represents “Not for Tasting.”

New TImes got a review of the NFT and, all things considered, it’s somewhat cool: a 15-second computerized cut shows an overlaid Chinese mythical serpent diving down onto the sands of South Beach and blowing blazes at a brilliant egg engraved with the word “Komodo”.

The cut, as indicated by a Groot delegate, was not made by a renowned craftsman and the cash doesn’t help a cause. Be that as it may, there is one critical advantage to possessing the NFT: Holders get the amazing chance to buy a genuine treat at Groot Hospitality’s Brickell eatery, Komodo.

You know, the simple kind you can eat.

The “Fire & Ice” dessert begins with a dim chocolate egg, covered in an ombré blur of red, gold, orange and dark. The egg is introduced on a winged serpent molded platter and afterward “cracked” by having blazing 151-proof rum sprinkled on it. The fire is then drenched with caramel-passionfruit sauce, uncovering an inside loaded up with coconut meringue, chocolate crunch, and cake. The pastry sounds astounding and costs a “Miami-reasonable” $40.

The get: To arrange the sweet, you need to buy the NFT.

Groot Hospitality organizer David Grutman lets New Times know that the NFT/dessert combo takes experiential eating to another level.

“A big part of what we aim for at Komodo — and all Groot properties — is to create new and highly memorable experiences. By combining the culinary world with Bubblehouse and digital art, we see this dessert-NFT combo as the first step to a near-limitless future. The metaverse is only going to grow, and we’re going to be right there with it as it evolves.”

Grutman is right that NFTs are making progress in the culinary world. Recently in association with King Plebs, the Tank Brewing Co. delivered a twofold IPA called Pleb Nectar, open through a lager driven NFT that opens restricted release lagers at partaking bottling works. The NFT costs 0.05 Ethereum (ETH) – about $160 when last we checked – and incorporates limits at partaking distillery accomplices.

The Komodo “Fire & Ice” NFT. Makes a big appearance today, Thursday, April 7, and can be bought by means of Bubblehouse with Apple Pay.

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