David Klein is the Latest to Join the NFT Craze With

David Klein is the Latest to Join the NFT Craze With

MIAMI, April 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – – David Klein, a deep rooted business visionary and designer of Jelly Belly jam beans, had a fantasy to enter the Metaverse. Winding up with more business thoughts than time, David needed to explore different avenues regarding a thought, unite four outsiders, reserve an organization, and let them go out of control with their innovative thoughts. David did precisely that, handpicking four people from endless qualified candidates to make another Metaverse new company. David subsidized the organization and sowed the seed, putting resources into the Metaverse. Meta-g, Inc. was born. 

David Klein picked Scott Maples, a business visionary and crypto/NFT lover from Missouri; Angela Sorrell, MBA/MKT, from California; Jenna Schwoyer, a bookkeeper from Pennsylvania; and Derek Wienert, a product designer from Florida.

What is Meta-g, Inc.

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