Disney Hires Apple Vet Mark Bozon As Key Overseer Of Metaverse Push – Deadline

Disney Hires Apple Vet Mark Bozon As Key Overseer Of Metaverse Push – Deadline

Mark Bozon, who burned through 12 years at Apple in imaginative and gaming chief jobs, has been employed by Disney in a senior post to assist with supervising the organization’s drive into the metaverse.

With the title of VP, Next Generation Storytelling Creative Experiences, Bozon will fabricate a group traversing the whole organization to chip away at “interconnected consumer experiences across immersive new storytelling canvases.” He will team up with imaginative, innovation, plan, and technique colleagues.

Bozon was recruited by Mike White, senior VP of Next Generation Storytelling and Consumer Experiences. Recently, White was selected to the job as leaders from CEO Bob Chapek on down started flagging the organization’s expectations to have a stake in the metaverse. The specific nature or cost design of that drive isn’t yet clear, yet Chapek told CNBC last February that he considered the metaverse “a third dimension” of chance. “It’s going to take all the great things that we as a media company have with Disney+ and use that as a platform for the metaverse but at the same time we have something that no one else has and that’s the physical world, a world of our parks,” he said. “If the metaverse is the blending of the physical and the digital in one environment, who can do it better than Disney?”

White reports to both Kareem Daniel, executive of Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution, and Josh D’Amaro, director of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products.

In answering to White, Bozon will be liable for driving the inventive vision for Disney’s “next generation storytelling” system and to characterize and plan new, associated narrating encounters. The valuable open doors for the NGS gathering will include gaming, film, TV, toys, parks and that’s just the beginning, the organization said.

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