HashCash Joins Healthcare-Focused NFT Project

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HashCash Consultants, a blockchain advancement organization, will be partaking in another non-fungible token (NFT) creation project including the medical care industry and people groups’ wellbeing records, as indicated by a Saturday (April 16) press release.

HashCash said it is collaborating with a U.K.- based organization to investigate the thought, albeit that organization isn’t named in the delivery. The idea includes people electing to have their wellbeing information made into NFTs, permitting them to impart those NFTs to medical care administrations to partake in examinations or research.

Per the delivery, when an individual does things like request a DNA testing unit or get a nourishment plan in light of their hereditary qualities, they’re offering information and history to those organizations – who can sell the records for research purposes while the first proprietor doesn’t get anything.

HashCash CEO Raj Chowdbury expressed that by transforming the information into NFTs, the data is joined to a component that can be tracked.

“This would enable you to monitor where your data ends up and track the people who hold the NFT and also figure out if it is being used without permission,” he said in the release.

In expansion, the sole proprietor of the data might actually empower a component that pays them each time an exchange is done by means of the NFT.

PYMNTS composed that HashCash reported last year that it was working close by a Spanish production network organization to supplant its framework with IoT-on-Blockchain design. As per the report, the driving force for this was a direct result of the troubles looked by supply chains.

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“It is turning increasingly difficult to verify the source of raw materials and maintain visibility of products and merchandise while they are traveling through the value chain network,” the firm said at that point. “The integration of the Internet of Things (IoT) enables companies to observe, track and monitor products, activities and processes within their respective value chain networks.”

The IoT functionalities likewise show up with things like helpful item observing and improving tasks for assembling, warehousing and different things. Chowdbury said blockchain tech, when incorporated with IoT, can assist with supporting the viability of supply chains.

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