Hyundai extends metaverse presence with virtual studio

Hyundai expands metaverse presence with virtual studio

Hyundai Motor Company has extended its presence in the metaverse to give future portability experience on its virtual Hyundai Motorstudio ZEPETO metaverse platform.

Entering into the metaverse last year when Hyundai originally presented its virtual Motorstudio inside Downtown (Future) on ZEPETO, it is currently adding a second floor of show space with further developed activities.

The organization has declared that there is a bunch of future versatility encounters, including S-A1 progressed air portability, S-Link reason constructed versatility and S-Hub future versatility travel focus — all in ZEPETO’s Downtown (Future).

“To build strong and long-lasting relationships with young generations, Hyundai Motor is creating virtual experiences where they can become familiar with our brand vision and future mobility solutions. We will continue using virtual reality platforms to communicate our brand vision with new virtual spaces and content. So, please join us in the metaverse,” said Thomas Schemera, Hyundai Motor’s Global Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Customer Experience Division.

Exploring Hyundai in the metaverse

In Downtown (Future), clients can encounter different future versatility arrangements initially declared by Hyundai Motor at CES 2020. They can visit the S-Hub future versatility travel focus, ride the S-A1 metropolitan air portability vehicle, and experience three ideas of S-Link reason fabricated versatility, including a center, party room and food truck.

The first floor’s presentation corridor duplicates the inside and outside of Hyundai Motorstudio Seoul, and is where clients can watch the mission film for Hyundai’s IONIQ devoted battery electric vehicle brand. In the second floor’s presentation lobby, guests can get S-A1 miniatures and take a stab at or buy Re:Style assortment, Hyundai’s eco-accommodating upcycled clothing collection.

Using advanced mechanics in the metaverse

Earlier this year Hyundai shared its vision for spearheading the utilization of advanced mechanics in both this present reality and metaverse at CES 2022.

The organization anticipates that mobilities, for example, autos and UAM, will act as savvy gadgets to get to virtual spaces, while advanced mechanics will go about as a medium to associate the virtual and genuine worlds.

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