Kanye’s Company Files Yeezus Trademarks, Including for Metaverse and NFTs

Kanye’s Company Files Yeezus Trademarks, Including for Metaverse & NFTs

Speculation started promptly this week upon word that the craftsman formerly known as Kanye West had documented a huge number of brand name applications zeroed in on the Yeezus moniker.

Through his Mascotte Holdings, Inc. organization, Ye (as first spotted by brand name lawyer Josh Gerben) made numerous U.S. government brand name enrollment filings for Yeezus toward the end of last month. Likely fields of purpose recorded among the filings incorporate prepackaged games, activity figures, Christmas tree trimmings, facial coverings, retail locations, PC products, rich toys, membership administrations, nail shines, facial cosmetics, computer game programming, carnival rides, and much more.

While the recently revealed group of filings (all dated May 27) do for sure project a perceptibly wide net, fans will review theory was recently prodded by a correspondingly extensive surge of fillings back in 2018. Of specific note among the most recent assortment, in any case, are notices of “metaverse experiences” and the capability of “providing an online marketplace for buyers of blockchain-based non-fungible” items.

The labor and products breakdown of one of the May 27-dated filings addresses all that from record creation to entertainment meccas, with the last lines remarkably including expressing that was apparently not so stringently in the blend amid those previously mentioned 2018 titles, for example “entertainment services, namely, metaverse experiences.”

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