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Creative Director of Elder Scrolls Online Claims Metaverse is Not a Novel Concept

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Elder Scrolls Online Creative Director Says Metaverse Is Nothing New

AI is currently dominating the tech world, but just 2 years ago, Zuckerberg and other high-profile individuals were all hyping up the metaverse. If you’re still confused about what it actually means, you’re not alone. The term is interpreted differently by different people, but essentially refers to a virtual world where users live as avatars and interact with each other.

You might be reminded of VRChat or Second Life, and that’s the issue – we already have numerous examples of this kind of virtual existence.

According to The Elder Scrolls Online’s creative director Matt Firor, the metaverse concept is not groundbreaking. In an interview with, he shared that the idea of a metaverse is not new and we should stop treating it as an innovative concept. One of the reasons why it hasn’t gained widespread popularity is the lack of substance in these virtual worlds.

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