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Global Mofy Metaverse now utilizes OpenUSD as its standard for digital asset development

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Global Mofy Metaverse has officially announced its strategic decision to adopt OpenUSD as the standard for digital asset development. This open and dynamic ecosystem is endorsed by industry leaders such as NVIDIA, Meta, Autodesk, and others, for describing, composing, simulating, and collaborating within 3D environments. The adoption of OpenUSD is expected to improve operational efficiencies and create new revenue streams for the Company, positioning it for increased profitability in the digital marketplace. Universal Scene Description offers advantages to industries engaged in 3D digital asset creation, including licensing, digital entertainment, the metaverse, and visual effects production.

Initially created by Pixar Animation Studio, OpenUSD streamlines workflows, team collaborations, and project development by enhancing interoperability across content tools, data formats, workflows, and platforms. It is used for crafting digital assets and environments, especially for large-scale, AI-enabled virtual worlds, or for developing tools to bring these worlds to life.

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