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Game of Silks Provides Shades of Thoroughbred Ownership

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Game Of Silks Provides Shades Of Thoroughbred Ownership

As the new owner pulled up the covers in bed, she found her mind racing a bit with an unresolved question from the day: Whether to race or sell?

Such late night quandaries are a familiar feeling for many Thoroughbred owners but in this case the thoughts belong to a competitor in Game of Silks, the most advanced fantasy-type game to date to replicate the Thoroughbred ownership experience. 

Our restless owner does not campaign a living and breathing horse, but she is weighing decisions similar to real-life Thoroughbred owners. She will make the calls for her “digital twin” horse, who has the same breeding and physical traits as a real-world Thoroughbred. And like the real world, those decisions involve making a call on racing or selling. In the game, significant winnings in real dollars could be just around the corner—based on purses earned during real world races—but perhaps the better approach is to cash in now to interested buyers in this metaverse who also would pay with actual money.

Such dilemmas have been welcomed by many players this year as the first 2-year-olds are hitting the track in Game of Silks, a type of fantasy sports game with a few extra high-tech offerings that has seen some 3,000 people purchase a “horse” or “horses” for $500-$1,000 each. Another 25,000 people have expressed interest on the Game of Silks social media platforms.

For that purchase price, a player lands a random horse from the 2021 foal crop. There are no guarantees on what horse you’ll receive—they’re as random as a pack of baseball or Pokémon cards. For those interested in more specific horses, they can check to see if the digital twin of the real-life horse they fancy has been “revealed” and is owned by another Game of Silks player who might be willing to sell. Then, thanks to blockchain technology, the bidding can begin between the two players just as it might in the real world.

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