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Join the Retail Revolution with a Successful Start for Mallconomy Crypto ICO

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Retail: it’s a market worth $7.2 trillion in the US alone and is the single largest economic driver on the planet. Everyone in the world engages in retail, and as long as people need things, retail will be what economies hinge on. But the world is changing, and retail is adapting to it. The Web3 revolution is bringing retail into the future, a future where metaverse crypto tokens will be global tender, and the smart investors who invest in Web3 crypto ICOs today will be the super-rich of tomorrow. One such opportunity is available thanks to Mallconomy: the evolution of retail and the revolution of technology.

Mallconomy: The one-stop shop for your heart’s desires

Mallconomy is a new blockchain-based metaverse online shopping platform that melds the best of physical and online shopping into the perfect retail experience. Imagine a mall where almost anything is for sale. No brick-and-mortar retail space can house the world’s retail goods under one roof. Now, with Mallconomy’s metaverse, this is no longer a hindrance, and the rich retail experience of any store anywhere across the globe can be had on the Mallconomy platform.

Mallconomy works like real-world real estate. Virtual real estate is bought, and owners can build their stores on the metaverse, selling whatever they desire to anyone who wants to buy! It’s a pure free market on the blockchain, and with all Mallconomy transactions taking place in the native WOOT token, the metaverse crypto trading experience is instant, cheap, and cuts out the traditional financial institutions.

On the verge of something big!

This is where the savvy investor’s ears prick up: a metaverse crypto token that powers the Mallconomy ecosystem is bound to grow exponentially! With the mass adoption of metaverse tech – Apple’s Vision Pro and Facebook’s parent company literally renaming itself to ‘Meta’ – engagement in metaverse technology will only expand.

Gen Z is the fastest-growing economically active demographic. They drive the way the world works and do not want crowded malls with limited options or boring page-after-page infinite-scrolling online shops. They are at home on the metaverse and embody the threshold of a new future: one where the digital experience is as valid and engaging as the brick-and-mortar world, and metaverse crypto tokens are as much legal tender as the cash we carry daily.

Investors stand at the forefront of this technology, and crypto ICO offers like the one Mallconomy is offering are where smart investors turn to.

Mallconomy is springboarding its platform with a crypto ICO token sale, and the Mallconomy metaverse crypto token – named WOOT – is in presale at only $0.00276. Capped at a billion tokens, this crypto ICO is a must-have since a finite amount of WOOT tokens must sustain the virtually infinite landscape of the Mallconomy platform. Laws of supply and demand apply as much in metaverse crypto as in fiat currency, and as more brands establish their presence on the Mallconomy platform and more people engage, the value of the WOOT token can only skyrocket.

Get in on the start of the retail revolution

Crypto ICOs make tokens available at as low a price as possible. Investors are always on the lookout for the next crypto ICO, as they have a track record of generating incredible wealth. It stands to reason that the crypto ICO offered by Mallconomy is arguably the best opportunity to engage with metaverse crypto that investing circles have ever seen.

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