MoonPay’s CEO Ivan Soto-Wright is a man of numerous theses.

One, he clarifies over a video call, is that everything worth will ultimately move through blockchains. Another is that each craftsman, artist, and competitor will embrace non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Through an as of late sent off concierge service that helps big names and the super-rich purchase NFTs, Soto-Wright has attempted to situate MoonPay as an impetus for those trends.

The administration – which counts Snoop Dogg, Diplo and Jimmy Fallon among glamorous gathering of clients – is section one of an arrangement to compel NFTs into what Soto-Wright calls “the cultural consciousness.”

Now, Soto-Wright is starting off stage two of that arrangement: charity.

Through a personal account on NFT stage OpenSea named ivanhodl, Soto-Wright has amassed upwards of $1 million in computerized workmanship and collectibles – including pieces from pined for assortments like CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, World of Women and Clone X.

“I have decided to dedicate all my NFTs and any profits from sales of my NFTs from ivanhodl to charitable causes,” he says. “The idea is to broaden and diversify access to web3. It’s about giving back, it’s about focusing on efforts that do good in the world.”

Hodling no longer

Soto-Wright seems to have amassed his own assortment in under a year, having set up the ivanhodl wallet on OpenSea in June 2021. He has MoonPay – which at its center assists other organizations’ clients with purchasing and sell crypto – to thank for it.

“I did have my own proceeds from MoonPay being profitable,” he says. “I was running the business and so I used that profitability to then invest in NFTs through ivanhodl.”

It isn’t yet clear which causes Soto-Wright intends to give his reserve to. He says a scope of causes will be chosen, and recorded exhibition halls, non-benefits and good cause as instances of potential partners.

The trust is by all accounts that through barters and other such theater, the gift program will assist with finding more extensive premium in the NFT market. There is no particular time period set up. All things being equal, Soto-Wright portrayed the drive as “continuous.”

“I’ve never really sold an NFT. I’ve transferred or given away NFTs, but I’ve never sold an NFT in my history. That’s why I’m ivanhodl — I’m holding on for dear life,” he adds. “But now we’re holding on for dear life until we benefit non-profit causes.”

Non-fungible friends

MoonPay’s attendant service has positively carried significant star power – and with it publicity – to the NFT space. Be that as it may, some have questioned whether famous people are as a matter of fact paying full whack for their advanced merchandise, or essentially advancing assortments in return for an original sort of installment.

For his part, Soto-Wright has generally kept up with that clients of his attendant are invoiced for everything of any buys – and that they pay up.

“There’s no interrelationship with the collection. These people are coming to us independently and saying they want to buy something, and the concierge facilitates that,” he says.

Either way, Soto-Wright

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