New Survey by United Talent Agency Finds 65 Million Americans Are ‘NFT Curious’

New Survey by United Talent Agency Finds 65  Million Americans Are ‘NFT Curious’

A study by United Talent Agency as of late viewed that as 6% of U.S. customers ages 16-54 have possessed a NFT, either through buy, winning it or getting it as a present, however 38% need to claim a NFT later on. Joined, that compares to 65 million U.S. shoppers ages 16-54.

Respondents who demonstrated they are keen on studying NFTs or claiming an advanced resource in what’s to come were delegated “NFT curious.” Of those, 8 of every 10 accept NFTs are more than just “hype,” and 3/4 of those mindful of NFTs are keen on making one themselves.

The review was directed after the generally revealed deal last year of a NFT by the computerized craftsman Beeple for $69 million, which both set the high water mark (up until this point) for a NFT deal and set off an NFT boom. Since no one anticipated that each NFT should sell for a huge number of dollars, UTA needed to get a feeling of where the business is going, said Lesley Silverman, Head of UTA Web3.

“The impetus for this study was the talk of big numbers for NFTs and we wanted to know what was driving the boom cycle,” Silverman said.

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