NFT-Related Startups Pulled In Over $2.6B This Past Year

NFTs have unquestionably been a buzzy point in the startup world this previous year. Organizations in the space have likewise figured out how to raise some enormous rounds.

Over the beyond a year, a little more than 200 rounds for new businesses that component NFT in their organization portrayal have shut, by and large bringing more than $2.6 billion up in seed, adventure or development subsidizing, per Crunchbase data. That absolute is up more than 25-overlap from the year-prior period, while organizations including NFTs raised simply more than $90 million.

Things are not cooling by the same token. At the current week’s SXSW confab in Austin, NFTs are up front, included in board conversations, a hackathon, celebration stock and, surprisingly, a limited time appearance by Dolly Parton highlighting NFT collectibles. 

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