Robert Rice talks adapting the metaverse on BSV blockchain

Masters of the Metaverse

The metaverse has turned into the greatest trendy expression in the tech world, and at the BSV Global Blockchain Convention, one of the world’s driving personalities on this new virtual world is Robert Rice. Rice made that big appearance to discuss how he is building a metaverse that is centered around adaptation and not simply fun.

Rice is the pioneer and CEO of Transmira, the organization behind the Omniscape metaverse platform, which is based on Bitcoin SV. His excursion in the metaverse began thirty years prior when he found some work at the main computer generated experience arcade game organization. From that point forward, his affection for the virtual world has just developed bigger.

On what the metaverse precisely is, Rice depicted it as “the sum total of all the data and information, and everything digital that surrounds us presented in a way that’s more immersive, interactive, visual and tangible whether it’s through augmented or virtual reality.”

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