Roger Sanchez Celebrates Beginning of HouseHeads NFT Drop with Live Stream

Grammy Award- winning DJ and maker Roger Sanchez played out a two-hour live stream on Thursday, March third to remember the send off of a new NFT project called HouseHeads.

The project comprises of 8,008 hand-attracted NFT collectibles intended to praise the social effect house music has had on the electronic music scene. Each picture is stamped on the Etherium blockchain and awards buyers advantages, for example, admittance to metaverse occasions, select DJ sets, product, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Each representation is novel and draws from a pool an attributes (body type, extras, face, eyes, and so forth) to make a unique, arbitrarily created NFT.

A HouseHeads public statement peruses, “Each NFT celebrates the cultural movement of house music and its evolution over the years, and your unique HouseHead NFT doubles as your exclusive membership card.” They proceed to communicate energy about the venture and the enormous local area following it has obtained in its short time.

Those keen on supporting the undertaking can track down more data about it here.

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