Scorpio Metaverse Secures Patent-Pending Status For Their

Scorpio Metaverse Secures Patent-Pending Status For Their

Toronto, Canada, March 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – – Scorpio Metaverse Corporation (SMC), an innovation organization fostering a set-up of interoperable metaverses and play-to-procure games, today declared that is has been granted patent-forthcoming status by the United States Patent Office (USPTO). 

SMC finished improvement of the beta motor this month, and is on target for a Q2 send off of, SMC’s first metaverse controlled by the Scorpio Metaverse Engine, devoted to cutting edge health and human association; they mean to convey 10 interoperable metaverses inside the following 12 months. 

Metaverses worked with SMCs patent-forthcoming motor proposition adaptable interoperability and upgraded client encounters, with adjustable symbols ready to bounce between metaverses utilizing blockchain innovation and crypto wallets. Their set-up of exclusive apparatuses and reconciliation with driving edge advancements in the Web3 space permit SMC to assist people, enterprises and associations with building completely tweaked metaverses. 

Being one of the first-to-advertise tech organizations driving the charge of forming the Metaverse Web3 space, Scorpio Metaverse Corporation is acquiring patent security for its innovations, as well as enlisting other licensed innovation freedoms for its business and innovation resources in the United States and universally. SMC means to safeguard the innovation, creations and enhancements that are monetarily vital to the improvement of its business utilizing the best and productive licensed innovation instruments, including licenses, brand names and exchange secrets. 

Nav Gupta, Founder and CEO of Scorpio Metaverse Corporation: 

“We’re building the tools to make custom metaverses accessible across the world; our patent-pending process reduces the barrier to entry for great ideas to get built quickly. We are extremely proud to be first-to-market with the creation of our proprietary metaverse engine which is a system and method for creating custom metaverses. Whether you’re a business looking to build an office metaverse or a university looking to have your school built into a metaverse, in the future we believe metaverses will be like websites and you’ll be able to build them using our tools and systems and jump from metaverse to metaverse. Unlike our competition, our primary business is metaverses and we have security and safety at the heart of our system for end users. Human connections are very important and we believe that with our technology we can help people connect with each other in new, fun and unique ways. I recognize the significant potential this patent holds, as it directly addresses key challenges currently facing the fragmented and disconnected landscape of the metaverse industry.” 

About Scorpio Metaverse Corporation 

Scorpio Metaverse Corporation is a worldwide group of tech organizations at the convergence of Web3, Blockchain, and Gaming. The organization started exercises in 2022 and is settled in Toronto, Canada, with auxiliary companies in Vietnam, India, Dubai and plans for venture into Africa, Europe, and the United States. 

Scorpio Metaverse Corporation is fostering a set-up of imaginative metaverse-building advancements zeroed in on interfacing clients and giving top notch, fun and intuitive encounters for them in both WebGL, Virtual and Augmented Reality environments. 

To find out about Scorpio Metaverse Corporation, visit:

Scorpio Metaverse

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