See You in the Metaverse

See You in the Metaverse

I spent last week in Austin at the main South by Southwest celebration to happen face to face beginning around 2019. I’ll concede that I had missed the frantic energy of the weeklong sight and sound occasion, which has turned into a piece of my yearly daily schedule. I began going to SXSW in 2006 and have gone to pretty much consistently since. In 2016, truth be told, I was enlisted into the SXSW Hall of Fame, so I’m a confirmed fanboy. This year, I drank all the agave-based spirits, ate every one of the stages of meat on tacos, rode every one of the electric bikes, and experienced a cutting edge future that we progressively perceive doesn’t just happen however should be intentionally molded.

There were three unquestionable topics that energized the current year’s occasion. Furthermore, they elucidate, more than whatever else, that future that we are aggregately constructing.

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