Somebody Right-Clicked Every NFT In The Heist Of The Century

Someone Right-Clicked Every NFT In The Heist Of The Century

Hours prior, a site seemed online with the express reason for facilitating an almost 20TB downpour (that is terabytes, people, the enormous young men of computerized information estimation) containing each NFT accessible through the Ethereum and Solana blockchains. It is the NFT heist of the century.

This article previously showed up on Kotaku Australia on November 19, 2021. It has been retimed as an end of the week read.

The NFT Bay, whose name and generally configuration riff on notorious downpour information base The Pirate Bay, is crafted by one Geoffrey Huntley, an Australian programming and dev operations engineer. In a frequently asked questions document reviewed for irritating columnists like me, Huntley portrays The NFT Bay as an “educational art project” intended to show the public what NFTs are and aren’t, in the expectations that less people get cheated by the innovation’s endless grifters.

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