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Los Angeles, May 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – – SWAGrun is a play-to-acquire 2D NFT game where players will contend with one another and bots in a run game, race length and intricacy will rely upon the guide and abilities of the multitude of players in the round. Players will be compensated with RR (race reward) tokens deferentially to the places that they have completed in. This in-game cash will permit the player to purchase in-game things that will build the compensations for taking an interest and dominating matches or trade them for SWAG tokens that can be marked on our site. The game will be Smartchain sans gas, players will actually want to play and exchange things inside its environment while never stressing over gas charges. The gas expense will be paid just once the player will choose to cash out the rewards.


SwagStars are in-game characters that adoration bling things and contend with one another. Players can mint, race, gather or sell them in the marketplace.

Each character can build the most extreme day to day RR token win allowance.

PVP Daily races:

Compete against different players for ensured RR tokens rewards.

Season tournaments:

Season competition allows our players an opportunity to vie for monetary compensations. Each season will have its SwagStars that players should mint to be qualified for competition rewards. That should be possible by either stamping at the cost of 0.05 BNB or buying on our commercial center. Season competitions are discretionary and players can choose if they will partake in them.

The season length and prize pool will be reported with the beginning of the new season.

The assessed Season-1 award pool is $407,262.49


Staking is a method for compensating the local area individuals for having a drawn out mentality and marking their tokens. By marking, financial backers will actually want to procure a SWAG token prize when done through the marking dashboard. Later on, marking will give casting a ballot rights and a say over the utilization of the SWAG war chest.

The marking component will be sans lock and players will actually want to drop marking and pull out tokens whenever they want.

Swag War Chest:

All Swag tokens got from in-game buys/communications that will require installment in Swag will be put away in the stash. Loot stash will be utilized for game advancement, for example, new game modes, maps, things, SWAG-stanza, advertising, and ecosystem.

The center group will have full control of it and quarterly utilization of assets reports will be given to the community.

Long Term Sustainability

SWAGrun has a 100 percent player-claimed, genuine cash economy. As opposed to selling game things or duplicates, the designers of the game spotlight on developing the player-to-player economy. All assets and expenses gathered as in SWAG tokens will go to the SWAG stash and the utilization will be directed by holders once the democratic component is set up. SwagStars are made by players involving in-game assets $SWAG tokens. All RR tokens got from commercial center tax assessment or installment of any in-game thing will be scorched. Symbol NFT can be sold or moved anyplace to anybody.

Physical/Digital Merchandise:

SWAG much? Flaunt with your own Swag brightened shirt, hoodie, rucksack, or t-cap. All benefits got from it will go into the SWAG War chest in a buyback form.


Swagrun shrewd agreement has gotten exceptional review results for the code and furthermore for the in-game tokenomics model.


Swagrun group has one the best in the field individuals, that are knowledgeable about coding or showcasing as well as have a long and demonstrated history in the crypto local area tracing all the way back to 2014.







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