Strong globe-trotters to travel into Web3 and the metaverse

The send off of the Ontology EVM Fund makes $10M in ONT and ONG accessible to empower expeditions

Ontology people group individuals have picked an existence of experience to push the limits of what is conceivable. They are trailblazers and voyagers who pick the street less traveled. 

Now, to support further undertakings and fuel ventures into strange terrains, Ontology has made a $10-million – identical in Ontology (ONT) and Ontology Gas (ONG) – Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) reserve. The asset, sent off to praise the new arrival of Ontology’s EVM, expects to help Web3 designers expanding on the Ontology network.

All are welcome to join what could be the best experience to date: entering the metaverse. Web3 will unite individuals to game, contribute, convey and develop on the web. It will offer a world that is self-sovereign and not just an item that organizations profit by gathering client information. In the web’s new time, there can be a decentralized metaverse world where clients have more command over their personality and data.

The new Ontology EVM Fund can make this vision a reality. Accessible financing can uphold reasonable activities attempting to make an unbelievable metaverse that is open and decentralized. Obviously, achievement isn’t just reliant upon accounts. Notwithstanding the help presented by the Ontology EVM Fund, engineers will profit from a quick, open and secure public chain with an attention on decentralized personality and information. Projects additionally benefit from the developing client base of Onto Wallet, which as of now has in excess of 800,000 clients, and using the lead character arrangement, which has been gotten to more than 1.5 multiple times. Philosophy offers extends the chance to accomplish openness by high level news sources and to get the crypto discussion together with a portion of the forerunners in the space.

These tasks can be considered shuttle – the main thrust behind a common mission and the steady vessel that keeps aggregate voyagers intact. Metaphysics is inviting anybody with a significant venture to join this experience. It has plans – or “landing platforms” – ready: Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and Mars. Project engineers can see which “planet” best suits their necessities below: 


If one has a gutsy soul however doesn’t yet claim a task, then, at that point, don’t fear. Cosmology has space where those intrigued can put their abilities to utilize and be compensated for their undertakings – in the Mercury and Moon plans, clients can take an interest in bug bounties and hackathons.

There is just restricted space accessible, and each chose venture will be qualified for remunerations to assist them with succeeding. See the arrival and flight plans below.


Join the excursion by proposing on the Ontology Community Forum.

Technical reference:

Links of Ontology EVM apparatuses and documents:

Want more Ontology?

Learn more about decentralized information and personality arrangements on the website and official Twitter account. Clients can likewise visit with the group on Telegram and stay up with the latest with the most recent news through its Telegram announcement account.

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