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The wonderful bitcoin narrative “Human B” has been getting out and about for a very long time. Chiefs Aaron Mucke and Eva Mühlenbäumer delivered a piece that resists doubters and fills in as a presentation for rookies. It goes right to the foundation of the matter, how cash works, and afterward gets into the arrangement that bitcoin is. All of that, blended in with extremely human stories that show you the opposite side of the coin.

Today, we will separate it by quotes. Duplicate them and glue them all around the Internet.

When we first exhibited the “Human B” documentary, we introduced the visitors like this:

“In the narrative, we get to hear from Bitcoin creators like Der Gigi and Anita Posch. From financial analyst and underground rocker Marc Friedrich and columnist Friedemann Brenneis. Also, from an ordinary individual like Jan, who turns out to be the star of the show.

The narrative goes off in an astonishing unexpected direction when it goes to Caracas, Venezuela. However, there, we hear from Alessandro Cecere AKA El Sultán del Bitcoin, and from Juan José Pinto from Doctorminer.”

What did they say? We should look at “Human B” according to another viewpoint. We should break the powerful account of the narrative and revamp the data in the manner Google likes.

That’s it. Out with the introduction, in with the statements.

Human B: Der Gigi, Author And Magician

“You will never be able to make more than the protocol allows. It’s limited to 21 million.”
“Bitcoin is nothing more than a continual list. It’s pure information. But the whole Bitcoin network is not only made up of information. Bitcoin has a physical reality thanks to proof-of-work mining.”
“Bitcoin was created to enrich the world. Not to enrich some certain individuals. That’s how bitcoin differs from all other coins.”
“There isn’t a single boring day in Bitcoin.”
“Sooner or later, everyone will come in contact with Bitcoin. Sooner or later.”

Human B: Anita Posch, The Activist’s View

“(Bitcoin) It’s an Internet infrastructure made for everyone. It’s basically common property.”
(People in Zimbabwe) “And the astounding thing is that they immediately understand what non-inflationary means. What uncensored means. And that it can’t be taken from them.”
“What’s good about it is that it encourages long-term thinking. To learn how to save money again. I hope that there will be less consumption.”

Human B: Alessandro Cecere, A Sultan’s Prediction

“For us Venezuelans Bitcoin sometimes is not the solution or the alternative, it’s the need.”

“In Venezuela, Bitcoin really took off because of the inflation process, and then, eventually, in 2017, the hyperinflationary process in the Venezuelan economy”

“Once we hit the billion Bitcoiners worldwide, the globe would have changed, man. We will eat them.”

BTC cost diagram for 04/02/2022 on Bitfinex | Source: BTC/USD on TradingView.com

Human B: Marc Friedrich, The Poet Economist

“My gut tells me Bitcoin is a gift from heaven.”
“Understanding the money system is the beginning of a long journey. Once you start, you begin to question everything.”
“The fraudulent monetary system is to blame for our current situation and for all the crises and problems we have.”
“Bitcoin will inhale all of the purchasing power. It will consume everything like a black hole. It’s the superior money, and the central banks know that.”

Human B: Friedemann Brenneis, The Journalistic Perspective

“I know a lot of people from the Bitcoin community that were the biggest skeptics. They tried to find a mistake, but they couldn’t find one”
“You can look at everything, including the code, and there are no secret meetings where decisions are made.”

Human B: Jan, The Everyday Man Speaks

“Personally, I find it fascinating that Bitcoin caused me to confront so many topics.”
“The (current) system promotes wasteful behavior, all while forcing us to continually invest into it.”
“There are a handful of people that know that everything is on the line. To separate money and state is… hard to imagine. But after being there you realize it’s hard to stop.”

Included Image: Human B logo, screen capture from the video | Charts by TradingView

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