Logan Chipkin is an independent essayist in Philadelphia. He is keen on Bitcoin, financial aspects, physical science, theory, and history. His everyday work comprises of two essential tasks: he makes instructive substance for a Bitcoin startup, and he grows more successful ways of subsidizing science than are as of now drilled. As a rule, Logan is energetic about making options in contrast to deteriorating establishments, particularly those that are effectively upsetting human advancement. There are a great deal of impractical notions out there. We can attempt to convince individuals out of them, or we can ‘just’ work around them. Regarding Bitcoin, Logan is keen on the financial, political, and social ramifications of mankind’s development towards a Bitcoin standard. Logan’s essential impacts are physicist David Deutsch, scholar Karl Popper, financial expert/political scholar Murray Rothbard, student of history Tom Woods, and business analyst Saifedean Ammous.

Logan can be tracked down on Twitter @ChipkinLogan. His own site is www.loganchipkin.com, where a large portion of his past distributions can be found.

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