Protoworld is an accessible, open metaverse the place Tezos builders can begin with free land (known as Zones) to create immersive 3D worlds.

The Zones could be made to be personal, public, or completely open to sure group members. Zones include 3D model NFT (.glb, aka gltf-binary) integration.

The metaverse is beginning with the Tezos and Ethereum blockchains. 

The venture is at present inviting Pre-Alpha applications from builders (particularly with experience in 3D artwork) to make use of the platform and this ends August thirty first.

Functions include a free restricted reward for finishing a quest inside the program.

We’re in search of creators (artists, musicians, architects), collectors, venture or DAO leaders, builders, and researchers who’re prepared to assist us enhance our product and person expertise in its early stage.

The venture has been created with the intentions to: ‘…transcend and escape the limitations of the physical world, not inherit them.’

Not like different metaverses, on Protoworld you don’t want to purchase land plots so as to take part, additionally the platform has been constructed with an emphasis on being accessible to as many individuals as potential.

The venture has been created by impartial artists and builders and documentation concerning the venture could be discovered here.

The Protoworld Pre-Alpha launch video, showcasing some created lands could be seen here:

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