AUSTIN, Texas — The metaverse is in its outset stages, and a few organizations in Texas are setting the establishment for its future. Double A Labs is driving the way by aiding organizations connect with and train their laborers through a virtual setting.

“I hear people say sometimes, ‘I don’t know about this metaverse stuff,’ and I always just kind of laugh because it’s almost like saying, ‘I don’t know if the internet is going to keep changing and growing,’” said Amber Allen, pioneer behind Double A Labs, a metaverse organization in Austin.

Allen calls it the following period of the web, just more interactive.

With organizations like Meta renting out Austin’s tallest high rise, Texas could turn into a predominant power behind everything.

“You think of companies like that they have entire worlds around them,” said Allen. “Do I believe that VR and virtual reality, which is what Meta talks a lot about, is going to be overnight? No. I believe that’s 10 or 20 years down the road and he’s (Mark Zuckerberg) building for that. He even says that. What I’m building right now and focusing on is really that bridge product.”

According to Double A, “the key differentiator is that we’re a metaverse designed to help optimize businesses with their training & engagement, sales enablement, and brand experiences. Because of our B2B audience, we serve as a bridge product to help all users have an easy-to-use experience.”

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