This week we have an extraordinary episode featuring another venture called The Jesus Metaverse. It is being planned and created by Gabriel Rymberg, Gary Tonge, and others devoted to enlightening the life and lessons of Jesus, as uncovered in The Urantia Book.

If you need to catch wind of how the “good news” of the life and lessons of Jesus as depicted in the Urantia disclosure, is overall splendidly enlightened by The Jesus Metaverse, you will need to tune in.

Our visitor, Gabriel Rymberg lives in Irael. He was the main interpreter on the Hebrew Urantia Book and is an eager worker to serve the Urantia Book and for Jesus.

Our other visitor, Gary Tonge, lives in British Columbia. He is the remarkable and darling craftsman whose pictures of the Urantia based universe are being utilized all around the Internet.

Gary and Gabriel are building the Jesus Metaverse to impart Jesus to billions all over the planet. We will likewise have other people who will participate in the discussion that are additionally similarly committed to this project.

Please check out realize about this astonishing exertion and furthermore find out about the Jesus Museum on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, that is being arranged related to the Jesus Metaverse.

Learn how you can be a piece of this extraordinary exertion and be instrumental in imparting Jesus to the world!

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